Scambi Festival

The Festival of Paneurethic Laboratories

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Scambi is the Festival of Paneurethic Laboratories, conceived and organized by a team of 50+ under-25 enthusiasts coming from different corners of the planet. What makes our festival unique is not our young staff composed exclusively by volunteers as much as it is the intention of offering experiences aimed at bringing together different people and ideas.

Our ultimate purpose is to encourage the participants to actively collaborate, by steering as far as possible from any passive participation.
In order to do so, we take advantage of Laboratories. They are our own workshops, the beating heart of our work, the very mean through which we make different personalities bond.

The adjective Paneurethic is a neologism that synthesizes the essence of our festival. It is the outcome of the wonderful clash that occurs when a group of people—often individuals who never met before—are transformed in a team of dreamers for a couple of hours. All of this takes place without any sort of exclusion: each and everyone of the festival’s activities is accessible to everybody, regardless of their age, their race, their gender, their political or religious orientation, and, above all, without any boundary set by physical or psychological disabilities.

We like to portray our festival as a tree: we have solid roots in the territory, without which we could not survive or flourish, yet we are proud to possess branches that extend well beyond Italy. Scambi places among its main ambitions that of developing a symbiosis between the local and the international, mixing remote cultures.

The Festival’s setting is special if not magical. Every laboratory is located in a different corner of Pigna, home of the old town of Sanremo, a little city in Nort-West Italy. Not only we love and value the territory, but we aim at redeveloping it, stimulating the local community by actively involving it in our planning.
All of the associations, firms, collectives, and individuals getting in touch with Scambi are inspired to become more welcoming, giving birth to a colorful and open way of thinking, focused on listening and on reciprocal respect.

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