Gene Liverman

I love contributing to open source and would be honored if you want to buy me a drink periodically.

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I work on my open source projects like PiWeatherRock and packer-templates in my spare time. I also try to help others as much as I can. In particular, I try to help people with Puppet related issues. I also put a lot of time into filing bug reports on other projects and offering pull requests where I can.

My hope is that others will find the work I do useful. If, as a result of this, some one wants to buy me a drink or two then I would be super excited and very appreciative.

Propojené účty

genebean vlastní na jiných platformách následující účty:


dots 1 Upraveno tento týden

My dot files and a tool to deploy them to various OS's

tree-planter 0 Upraveno před 3 týdny

A webhook receiver that is designed to deploy code trees

packer-templates 4 Upraveno před 1 měsícem

My Packer Templates

PiWeatherRock 50 Upraveno před 5 měsíci

Displays local weather on a Raspberry Pi

tintri-stats 6 Upraveno před 2 lety

tintri-stats connects to a specified Tintri VMstore, gathers metrics, and sends them to a specified Graphite server. It also includes a sample Grafana dashboard.

kubebag 9 Upraveno před 3 lety

Kubebag is my playground where I am learning about k8s by trying to create a Kubernetes-based setup that could replace my current traditional server.


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