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I've been building open source apps for many years. I've built apps in GTK+ and Qt, for GNOME, Ubuntu and cross-platform, in multiple languages, and participated in every part of the development lifecycle, including UI/UX design, localization & internationalization, quality assurance & testing, automation, release, and customer support.

Your support can help to improve accessibility across the Linux landscape, get necessary apps designed & implemented across multiple platforms, and build a more secure, usable, accessible, and friendly Linux environment for mobile devices and more.

Some current projects your patronage will help support:

  • Ergo (a toolkit based on Qt for building converged applications)
  • Ergo Vox (a screen reader service for Linux on mobile and PCs)
  • Authenticator NG (cross-platform multi-factor soft token app)
  • Ubuntu Touch (a converged mobile OS based on Ubuntu)


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