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Hydro Hawk Water pollution removal using RISC-V MCU Technology and Electronics

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Hydro Hawk is my personal desire to return something for my life here on the planet called Earth. I have been fortunate to live to the age of 68 years old. And of my great principles (Love, Care, Peace ) are the ones I lived by most all of my life. So I read a great deal and I found that 5000 children die daily from bad water.I found this in some UN publications. So I though how can I make a contribution to the children. I may not be the brightest man alive but I know that the open source community can do magic. So by posting my project ideas we - the open source community- may be able to address the water problem using computer an electronic technology of charge and and some engineering skills to remove the pollutants and reduce them to finite elements or compounds and then build any compound needed by anyone and thus maybe a solution for pollution just like nature infinite recycling. The circle or endless hoop that never ends. So maybe if a pollutant is a carbon based pollutant we can change it, possibly. to base components and then synthesize any compound easily under computer (MCU ) software control through the Mixed Signal systems (analog ) of the selected RISC-V MCU (using charge) and thus bring about a global change for anyone needing a business to make money while having a minimum investment (open source is like no charge for the software but only a license) and help all including, possibly, the Whales who's food has been reduced by 80% (Krill) and now a possible gift? Now please be aware that this process may be on going for years because some municipalities have more than 160 pollutant known to be in the water. Thus, we are underway with your support. And a possible New Horizon has arrived.

Thank you so much



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A possible method of renewal of waste products or pollution

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Water Pollution Clean up Project


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