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About me

I like building tools that help the average user and at work I write maintainable and performant software which empowers reproducible research. I also like documenting things as I learn and sharing it with the wider public through GitHub repositories, my blog and other channels.

Open source

During spare time, I maintain several projects that I started myself and contribute to a few large projects (including, but not limited to the projects listed below). A comprehensive record of my contributions can be found here.


I occasionally blog and microblog. I have given a few talks in the past and most recently at PyCon Sweden 2019. I hope to spread the word to more audience.

Why sponsor me

It would be encouraging to be supported for doing the above. Your contribution would be proof that free and open-source contributions can be more than a hobby project! Always remember you are not obliged to, and feel free to stop sponsoring anytime!

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