Kevin Sysyn

I would love to promote my Social Protest songs thru video projects & production.

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I have written and recorded many original songs that deal with social/political issues of the day, justice, war, racism, environment, equal rights + philosophical takes on personal emotions, freedom, love, happiness. I also have allegory/story songs, funny songs and some that cover unusual subjects like Harry Houdini or the Civil War. I like to believe there's thoughtful insight and incite in every tune.

It would be my dream come true if one of my "issue" songs or song/videos was picked up by an influential group; for instance the gun control lobby or women's rights. As it is now I make these amateur videos that do not do justice to the songs. I would use donations, after I've fed myself, to produce/contract/corroborate professional video presentations. And I continue to crate new material.

On another note. I have an album of eight secular Christmas songs, (Santa Claus, romance )which, with financing, could be made into a series of animation videos equaling a 40-minute show. This could be fantastic! Add to that a brand new New Year's anthem, Auld lang syne begone!

On a personal note I live in Cambodia six years now and created and run a charity here feeding young children who live in the streets, sniff glue etc. . I am poor as a country mouse and finance the charity thru the website and go-fund-me. The same Paypal button here.



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