Gardiner Bryant

Making Linux, Tech, and Gaming Content for YouTube and LBRY

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Hey there, Captain

My name is Gardiner Bryant. I'm the creator of TLG (The Linux Gamer) and The Off Topical Podcast. I make my work freely available on YouTube, Twitch, and my many, many websites.

I've been a gamer since time immemorial, a Linux fan since the mid-2000's, and quite recently I've become a Nextcloud acolyte. I've developed a yearning to share my passion for free and open source software since I started my YouTube channel way back in 2013!

In that time, I've grown as a content creator; finding my niche and exploring new types of content. See, I'm not the kind of person who is going to sit back and wait for a paycheck to roll in. I've put my heart and soul into my channel and podcast; along the way discovering new ways to engage with you and new topics to cover.

As a curious and playful person, I am always looking to explore new things, and I feel as though I've built a community with you kind, wonderful folks--who are supportive and interested in the things I share with the world.

I've been producing TLG for nearly 5 years, now. In that time I've learned a thing or two:

  • Levity is important.
  • Do what you love and be yourself, everything else comes naturally.

Why LiberaPay?

I recently went full time here in order to focus more on making content for you guys. Because of this, I've taken a significant cut in monthly income--which crowdfunding has helped to recoup.

I understand that some people feel weird about crowd funding. That's okay. But if you're here, that means we probably share a common interest.

If you believe in the work I do, you can always support TLG by sharing videos, talking about the channel with your friends and, of course, disabling AdBlock. (But hey, I get it. I don't trust Google, either.)

But yeah, if you want to support the show with cold hard cash, (and the warm, fuzzy feeling of participating in crowdfunding campaigns isn't enough of a reward on its own) there are a few different pledge tiers you can choose from.

My current patrons and I have tried to make these reward tiers worth your consideration. I hope you find the rewards on offer to be of some value.

I put my heart and soul into TLG. I try my best to make content that's fun, thoughtful, and informative. If you like the work that I do, maybe toss a buck or two my way. It all helps!


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