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My name is Mark Angelo. I host an open-to-all, not for profit, free (donation-based) design and screen printing workshop in Berlin, as well as special workshop events with international community groups and collectives. I call my open-access workshops: Print Club.

At Print Club the design and printing process helps young people and adults acquire a wide range of creative skills from visualization to developing ideas, through to drawing and printing techniques, to fully finished work whether that's printed posters, artistic projects, leaflets, books, flyers, T-shirts, etc.

I teach individuals, as well as grassroots groups in support of social justice, equality, refugees, affordable public housing, environmental protection and open source stuff. I also support worker-owned businesses, collectives and co-ops. Sharing knowledge, skills and resources empowers us all and builds stronger community bonds.

At Print Club I teach technique – but also the importance of imagination. By understanding the language of graphics we can heighten our creative abilities and be better positioned to change what is wrong in the world.

A common theme of discussion at the workshops is how marketing, media and propaganda use imagery to manipulate the subconscious. I encourage participants to develop an awareness of this and reclaim symbolism using their own creative powers.

To help grow Print Club, organise more classes and help pay for equipment and materials I have set up this account. Big-thanks for whatever support you can offer.

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