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I'm a developer and open source contributor who is mainly working on C/C++ and Lua. I have been working and contributing to multiple organizations, mostly on The Algorithms.

In 2019, I started my journey through the programming path, it's been a nice path, with difficulties but very fun. Since then, I started to love open source, coding, programming, and learning new things about coding.

I also work on 5+ mods of the Minetest engine; you can find 3 here. I've contributed to many open source projects such as Minetest, Square language, and many other projects, such as other Minetest mods.

I'm always learning new things in coding, even getting interested in new languages such as VBA and JavaScript.

However, all of the above takes time and work, especially developing and maintaining open source projects: it's a high cost, which is why I appreciate donations from everyone, from everywhere, no matter the amount. If you like my work, please consider giving me some money; so I can contribute further to open source projects. 🙂

On this page, you can support my efforts in The Algorithms and other Open Source projects. Here's a list of what I have been working on. To know more, check my GitHub profile daily.

Contributions on The Algorithms

Please consider donating to The Algorithms!

I'm one of the most active maintainers in The Algorithms, especially in the C and the C++ repository. Here's a summary of what I do.

Reviewing pull requests

I have reviewed over 100 pull requests, guiding the pull request author to make their algorithm a well-documented and coded resource for learners and coders according to our repository guidelines. The repository uses Doxygen to make the documentation live on the cloud.

Improving the documentation and the code

I've improved over 5 old algorithms to make them a useful resource for learners and students alike, adding to them refined documentation and conform with the repository guidelines. A lot of work and effort has been put into the documentation.

Maintaining the Twitter account

I also maintain the Twitter account for The Algorithms. I recently have taken control over it. I plan to post useful content about algorithms, open source, and all related to learning about coding.

Minor contributions in other repositories

As a member of The Algorithms, I've also contributed to various other repositories of the organization.

Some of these repositories are:

Minetest projects

I'm on 5 organizations of Minetest games/mods, and I maintain all of them. Here's a small summary of what I do with these projects.


I mainly fix minor bugs, add tools such as LuaCheck, and use the latest features of the API. I've contributed to over 10 Minetest mods, all of them being open source. Mostly all mods are hosted on Minetest mods.

Minor pull request reviews

I also review pull requests, mostly to make comments or fix minor typos, or ask for more information about it.

Maintaining projects

I maintain 4 (1 being stale) popular Minetest mods on the Minetest mods organization:

These are three other projects non-Minetest mods hosted:

Other open source projects

I've also contributed to many other open source projects, doing the following:

  • Fixing minor bugs.
  • Using the latest API features.
  • Fix/add continuous integration.
  • Minor pull request reviews.

Some of them are:

Personal projects

I've been working on some personal projects in C++ and VBA (Visual Basic). Most of them are to learn and to have fun, but here are some of them:

  • List the employees of an organization with many features.
  • Calculator (made in console and Windows Forms).
  • Magic number.
  • Tic Tac Toe in Windows Forms.
  • And many many more...

If you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to contact me. 🙂

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