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Greetings! I'm Nocturnaliss, trilingual writer from Belgium and the brains behind the Tales from Aeyuu. The original page was on Patreon, but as of December 2017 changes in their policies and mentality have made me seek another place to garner a living from.

The reality is: I'm unemployed, living in the professionnal middle of nowhere, and all I'm good at is writing and creating worlds and characters. This is my life, my blood, and my intention is to become a reknown writer (because I'm dreaming big).

At the same time, I really want - and need - to be read and enjoyed, and I'm dreaming of readers enjoying my work and talking to me about it. This, I could not do with Patreon, as I spent most of my time working towards getting rewards done, and none of my stories I felt were good enough to share. There's also always the fear that publishing 'for free' will ruin my chances of publishing and making a living eventually.

Today, I'm making the decision to go for free - or, more accurately, for sharing my inner world with the outside world. But in order to keep doing this, I need all the support I can get.

Additionally, I LOVE talking to people and helping them out with their own works. I'm part of several writing groups, always trying to share some positivity/motivation and ideas with the world. I firmly believe in paying it forward. And that's exactly what I want to do.

So donations will be primarily used to live from (groceries namely), allowing for me to keep writing, sharing, and helping people out. If things evolve further, I'll want to donate to others and thus let them know that they matter, too.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out the stories and let me know what you think!

Find them on the official Tales from Aeyuu website and DeviantArt. Every Sunday I run a Blog Special regarding the world of Aeyuu. And certainly more to come :D

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