Green Rainbow World

Green Rainbow World is a diverse collective of marginalized folks-build sustainable community

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Community Art Collective An open community art space in Athens, Greece supporting marginalized artists.

Eco Village What- The plan is to purchase land to create a small eco-village focused on building connections between local and refugee communities, providing culturally relevant sustainability education, supporting community organizations with food and educational space, tackling plastic pollution while providing dignified housing to refugees through plastic recycling machines, and modeling accessible, sustainable, diverse community living.

Who- A 7-person international team from 4 continents, 5 of whom are refugees, and all of whom are bringing diverse skills and knowledge such as carpentry, farming/permaculture, building, photography/videography, project management, and more.

When- As soon as possible. Many members are in unstable housing situations. Ideally, we will buy the land in early September and be on the land sometime in October 2021, giving us enough time to build shelters for the winter.

Where- GREV will be located in Greece. There are many different plots of land available, and the final decision will balance three factors: size, distance to Athens, and distance to the sea.

The plot needs to be a minimum of 10,000 m2, for obvious reasons bigger is better. But we must also consider distance to Athens because we need to transport goods and facilitate easy and inexpensive transportation to make GREV accessible for community members living in Athens, but also for GREV residents to easily access services they need in the city. Finding a place where it’s easy to access the sea provides an ideal lifestyle and food source for residents while incentivizing visitors.

Why- We believe that building bridges within communities and living in a way that helps the earth (and each other) instead of hurting it is essential in combating the social and environmental problems the world is facing. Tackling climate change and plastic pollution are the simple pieces of this puzzle, the knowledge and tools are already available. Truly connecting local and refugee communities and sparking the awareness that living more sustainably is essential to the future of our planet are where the true challenges lie.

How- Thanks to Morna Haist and the Revolutionary Woman Global community, we are planning to fundraise through Go Fund Me, silent auctions, concerts, and business sponsorships.


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