This Craftsman's Journey

Join me on This Craftman's Journey!

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Engineer by profession. Craftman by heart.

My greatest dream in life is to unite Craftsmanship, Self-Reliance, Sustainability, Respect for Nature and its offspring, Infotainment and a Path to Mutual Elevation for everyone involved. So I embarked on an epic journey to exploit my passion and education as an engineer having enough income to turn the crank. Always learning, always looking to take the next tiny step. Trying to make life more enjoyable for all of us. So:

Please, please join me on This Craftman's Journey!

If you support me on my journey, I'd be forever grateful. Please, and I really do mean this, do this only if you have the capacity to do so. The support that all of give me just by watching my videos, buying my stuff or teaching me new things is remarkable! And even if your support does not involve any monetary gain on my end, you still have my sincere thanks anyways.

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