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The 3 Lefts Show; is a community radio production and podcast.

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The 3 Lefts Show is a discussion of issues, theory, practice and policy from the radical left. For the curious or the committed. Promoting a post capitalist present and future via direct democracy and a commons economy. Sharing perspectives that include socialism, anarchism, and ecology to explore a more complete and multi-tendency Left that is and for itself. Each episode picks multiple stories, articles or the like relating to a single topic.
Including anarchist direct action, any-type of project for building socialism, or green-washing debunks and permaculture practice on the ecology side. The hosts are a leftist radicalized by occupy whose since then done just about everything in leftist activism, joined by a new leftist radicalized by Bernie's 2nd Run and the Covid Crisis. The show is produced as part of a community radio station where I also volunteer doing programming and other work. The station WCAA-LP is a project of Grand st Community Arts in Albany NY. Donations here will go mostly to me, but frees me up to help even more and spread my time am

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