Educational resources and practices from past and present to accompany in balancing living/lifestyle

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This is a community for educational resources from ancient, traditional, and contemporary/evolutionary approaches from East and West regarding living/lifestyle and developmental processes through studies and arts. If you are seeking community to pace, process and balance yourself in order to be more peaceful for those and the awaiting responsibilities around you, you may find Integrative Studies and Arts contributory. Content is inclusive of Vedic Wisdom, various Astrological Applications at times, Herbalism, and Foundational Aromatic Lectures and Events among other additional subjects and activities.

​Diving much deeper as a researcher and analyzer of studies, I've especially noticed at times that some ancient and traditional subjects are undergoing processes that don't necessarily regard their original whereabouts and original practices as respectively. At least this was my perception at the time, particularly regarding Vedic Studies, such as Ayurveda and how it is presented at times, yet not always in the United States without inclusion or very minimal Hindu and Vedic astrological references. Not only was this apparent at the time, but the upheaval and lock-down due to covid-19 in the United States and seemingly abroad accompanied me in realizing the importance of individuals having access to practices that may assist them through a better day and better tomorrow, despite the chaotic nature of the world at given times allowing tools to support in stabilizing themselves without having to take drastic measures.

​Work consists of digital studies and arts with a concentration on active living/lifestyle, well-being and development in hopes to present information to others where they can customize their own ideas for better living and experiences through balance and personal fulfillment with alternative approaches. One of the pursuits is to share awareness in a respectable manner acknowledging origins and contributions from past and present pertaining to practices mentioned by Integrative Studies and Arts.

​Donations support numerous efforts going forward, such as further activity by means of research, educating, funding of applications, materials, and additional resources for presentations and supporting the continuation of further dedicatory work, further operational efforts and further support and processes where needed. Thanks for your engagement with Integrative Studies and Arts. Official site link, Integrative Studies and Arts with Connie,

At this time, Integrative Studies and Arts presents studies and arts as a creative and assistor by means of a community presence. Integrative Studies and Arts does not schedule individual consultations regarding specializations listed on Liberapay or Integrative Studies and Arts' website, whether locally or abroad. As of now, Integrative Studies and Arts' pursuit is to serve as further outreach in hopes that others discover their own customized approaches to a balanced life. Visit the website to learn more.


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