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I'm the founder of geoRxiv. We have made this project because we couldn't find any open access journal for geosciences fields [1]. Also, we do not agree with the current publications models: the use of PDF instead of HTML. We also wanted to a journal where the computations, and the data sets are accompanied with the manuscript. So, we came up with this journal. You can find more about the journal goals here.

Current status of the project, and how can you help us

  • Register domain. Donations can help us pay for the domain expenses.
  • We are currently looking for reviewers from fields like remote sensing, geophysics. Actually, we need reviewers from all fields related to Geosciences except for Geodesy and GIS (Geoinformatics)--we have lots of them. If your field of study is related to these fields, you can help by [applying]( to be a reviewer. Or, you can also help by donating to us so that we can pay our reviewers for their time/effort.
  • We need to register our journal to ISSN and DOI. You can help here too.
  • Working on the distill template is quite completed. I have made a few ugly CSS hacks, but you know it is CSS. There have to be some hacks.
  • Currently the way submission works is rather difficult (well, it is a lot easier than LaTeX). I'd love to make it even more easier.

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