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Zelphir Kaltstahl creates free software in his free time.

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I am Zelphir Kaltstahl (Internet pseudonym).

I create free software and free learning resources in my free time. This I do to learn and perhaps some day give back to society something useful, which will remain free. When I learn about something new, I usually think "Why not share this with anyone, who wants to know about it too?". Then I create a learning resource.

There is no a specific donation goal. In fact, currently I am only creating this account on Liberapay to try out Liberapay, see how it looks from the inside, and perhaps to donate to others, whose work I value.

You can find my repositories of code, tutorials, documentation and whatever on:

I used to maintain accounts on Github and later Gitlab, before switching to notabug: and However, these repositories are probably outdated and should only be considered, if I did not publish them on notabug yet.

If you want to support a specific project or think any of my projects is interesting, let me know, or support me here on Liberapay, if you like. I do not want to feel pressured or obligated by people supporting me to advance a specific project. This is the reason, why I do not wish to give any guarantee for working on exactly that one thing. For now, I simply follow my interest. by supporting me, you would show your appreciation of the free (as in libre) resources I create. Furthermore, I also do not mind not receiving support on Liberapay at this time. My life or financial safety currently does not depend on support on Liberapay. There is a possibility for naturally increased interest in picking back up a project of mine, if I notice increased interest in it by others, because, why not create some free software, while getting feedback from people, who would like to use it? That could be a great experience.

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