A film depicting real life and unique families enjoying adventure and fun activities.

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Everyday when we turn on the television we are bombarded with perfect images of families that do not always relate to your unique family. Zar Zar creation is a film creation that will showcase beautiful 3D animation for children. With relatable adventures children of ethnic minorities will be able to see characters that represent their families on the big screen.

Representation of all races, nationalities and backgrounds have always been a major concern on mainstream television but it is often side stepped. This 3D animation series will highlight that whilst we are all very different in shape, sizes and color, we are all beautiful. The series will include educational songs for children whilst encouraging early social development skills and independence.

It is our aim to reach the children that are all too often forgotten in mainstream cartoons, to power them with confidence, joy and adventure! Our goal is to create a safe, fun and happy series that brings everyone together.


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