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Welcome to Mihrad liberapay page.

I'm currently developing Fallen God, a free-to-play erotic fan made game of the anime series Naruto and Dragon ball for now !! (Maybe add more anime series in the future) In the game, you play as The God that he will reincarnate in a mortal body by his own will because... he got bored and when he die he will reincarnate in another world. Now The God will be Experience a mortal life. You will be able to experience many lewd situations with your favorite characters along the way. This game will be totally free If you liked game you can support me on liberapay to continue my work even $1 will help me continue and improve my work.

If there is an error in game , I'm really sorry , Because English is not my first language My English is not so good If you saw any error tell me I will try fix it. Thank you all so much.

Download FallenGod 0.12 for Pc / Linux :

Download FallenGod 0.12 for Mac :



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